After some careful consideration to some of the great gamers hidden online I have decided that since I watch walkthroughs all the time on YouTube that I wanted to share their hard work with you guys

I have decided that as I watch live streams on platforms such as Hitbox, Twitch, many save and upload to YouTube all the time, I thought that it was high time that I shared, so if I enjoy a streamers play through of a game and the game gets completed whether it’s just the story mode or a hundred percent then I am going to share their great work,

Now, I am only sharing their videos, the view and credit still goes to them and I will post a link to their YouTube page but if you can’t wait for their next video to come on the site, you can run through and watch their videos.

I will still post all videos of the chosen game from some of my favourite streamers I have come across on YouTube. If you decide to go through to their channel, don’t forget to show some love, like and/or subscribe, Click on a game to get started…

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