Top Five Minecraft Changes We’d Like To See

The game of Minecraft is one that is played on a global and completive level and has been named as one of the most additive games to hit the console, we here at the office of are no exception and often have one on one challenges which we really do need to sit down and record at some point.

This is a game that the makers are bring out updates for all the time and while we will no doubt that we need to log in and do the latest update by the time this blog hits the website, we here at feel that there are a few things need changing even for our Xbox 360 version.

So, we thought that we would bring our top five that at the time of writing this we’d like to see on the Xbox360 version of Minecraft…

Number 5: Animals

One of the great things about creative mode is that you have no pressures of gathering materials and you can let your imagination run completely amok, everything from light houses, mansions, skyscrapers to the Eiffel tower, giant size monsters and everything in-between have been built.

Its only downside is that you are forced to dig away to make room, the Super flat mode would seem the better option as you have nothing to do but build, not a tree stump, dungeon or crass covered hill top in sight.

But one of the things you have to put up with is the animals, as for some reason they seem to want to converge on the very location your trying to build on, we here at have had everything from having cows just planting themselves in the way of your very next block, to sheep refusing to leave and getting captured, your only cause of action is the axe.

Why can you simply not just have the option to turn off the animals, in creative you already have access to the spawn eggs for each creature so why do you need randomly spawned animals in the first place.

Number 4: Time

If you are on Survival Mode and on any setting other than peaceful for a difficulty, you really have to move your ass before your hunted by everything that wants to make you its own personal chew toy as you have just nine minutes’ real time before the sun sets and everything comes out to play.

Now, nine minutes is not really a lot of time to make anything of real substance, I mean you can take your pick of either four, one mud block walls or four, one wood block walls with just enough room to hang a picture if you want to blow the resources you have on such an item.

Surely a good twenty minutes’ real time would give you some chance to not only give you a chance to build something of substance but also gather food, get materials to craft a bed so you can skip the night.

And asking for asking sake but who picked nine minutes, why nine, why not twelve, if they were going for so short a time why not four minutes, what in the name of sanity makes nine such an important number in the grand speck of time in Minecraft?

Number 3: Fuel Resources

Now, for this pick we’re not picking fault about the amount of coal you can find or the burning of wood to make the stuff but the effectiveness of how much you can burn and the wasting of the burning resources in the game

For example, one piece of coal will cook eight pieces in the furnace, using eight pieces of coal will give you a full stack of sixty-four of whatever your cooking and do remember sixty-four of one item is all the furnace can hold at one time.

So if you require to cook four steaks but have one piece of coal you then waste the other four pieces that one piece of coal would have cooked if you follow and if you think coal can be a waste if you’re not careful, Lava can be a bigger culprit.

It can cook one hundred pieces of any item but remember the furnace can only hold sixty-four of one item so if you’re not at the furnace to tend to it, you waste the cooking potential of the remaining thirty-six pieces.

but while this isn’t a problem if you use hoppers and chests with your furnaces it does mean you have to spend more materials, earlier on to get a system going, if memory serves me right it currently sits at fifteen iron pieces, 6 chests and a furnace to get the basic set up…

there’s got to be a better way to burn the fuel resources

Number 2: Ruins

Currently, we have many in game buildings that we are happy to explore, from villages, forest mansions and igloos to desert, jungle or even underwater temples, we explore dungeons, fortresses a Neither universe and even an end city.

But what we would like to see is a few more buildings, we’re not talking complete structures here, more in the way of ruins scattered throughout, currently there’s the odd witches hut in the swamp biomes but that’s really about it.

We wouldn’t mind seeing…like a ruined village, ones that’s actually been attacked and now deserted, ones that if you fix, villagers would return, allowing you to trade with them, maybe a church with graveyards, one where if you die in the game, new tombstones would appear…possibilities are endless.

Number 1: Mob Spawners

As we mentioned within number five of this top five, in creative you can let your imagination run completely wild but one of the things we here at want to get our hands on is the allusive Mob Spawner Cage.

Now these particular cages are scattered around underground and once found you can build a make shift XP farm but if you want to build something top-side, alongside everything else you’ve been building then I’m afraid your outta luck as these Spawners are not accessible in creative.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can build mob trap farms not a problem and there have been many a design posted online but while it’s temporally somewhat of a solution, we want the Spawners and I don’t know why these cages are withheld on the Xbox360 edition of Minecraft but we really wish they would hurry up and get them accessible.

Can you imagine going into an XP farm and having multiple Mob Spawners or one on every level of a build, were in one visit you can jump to level sixty…we have so many designs kicking around the office, we will be doing videos of them if we ever get those Spawners in creative.


So that’s our top five changes we’d like to see in Minecraft, the Xbox360 edition, maybe by the time this hits the website some of those on our list might have been worked out, do you know of others changes that need to be made, anything you would like to see come out in the world of Minecraft?

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Loved video games since I was a kid, got into watching walkthroughs about 3 years ago, started making my own last year with the activation of this website have many games planned but it will be slow going to get through them but will get there. Feel free to subscribe for restricted content and see my staff page to learn more about me. Cheers...