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Going gold is the product of days of fighting with my free subscriber section of the site, trying to incorporate both.

However, the website did not like what I was asking of it so whilst brooding over the problem with my brother, it was his idea to (for the lack of a better term) split the site so now I don’t have to make any changes to original site and all my content for my Gold members will all be on its own dedicated section.

This is a paid membership section of, subscription here is £3.99 pcm, contacting me via our contact form in the menu or via private message in discord which you can join (invite on discord page) for cancellation.

For now, I am planning on bringing game play, blogs and a little something special called M.G News, a little thought that came to me which I will explain nearer the time but for now, if you join our gold members section of, I bid you welcome and to enjoy the site.

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