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Anyone who visits my site will know, that padded cell 4719 is my home in the asylum well you are now visiting the relax centre of that asylum known as

A place, I bid you Greetings and welcome to, I am your host MajorMadMike and for those who visit my alpha site will know that this is my site specifically set up for gaming.

Here I am aiming to post walkthrough videos that I make on various games and reviews (both positive and negative) of not only games that I have but games that I don’t and for various reasons never will (but those I will explain as I get to them).

I have always been a fan of walkthroughs, the first one I watched on YouTube was simply a classic called Sonic the Hedgehog, mainly because at the time I didn’t have the game for the xbox360…

From there I went through the likes of call of duty, devil may cry and bio-shock and it was through the last one that I became a fan of Pyschadelicsnake…

And it was he that got me thinking about making walkthroughs of my own, granted it would never be a commentary added walkthroughs as I was simply no good at talking that much and I tend to get drawn into the game I play so I would forget to say anything anyhow…

It was through my friend and Brother Gary that would see me start on my journey as he helped me get the equipment I would need, the cables and connections required and whilst I would simply put them through my site, it was he who convinced me to start up…

And whilst this would give me another site to worry about I already have plans how to take the site forward, so for now sit back and enjoy my domain please feel free to leave a comment and I will of course get back to you asap if you have a question and I’m unable to get back to you I will answer you via a blog

Kind Regards

The Major

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