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YouTube’s Cleaning House

For those that follow us on what was our YouTube channel may have noticed we have been shut down thanks to the powers upon high, however, we want to know is why? The reason given in their email is and I quote “violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content”.

Now it’s me, playing console games, if there was anything resembling “spam” it would via Ads but they would have only appeared if I had monetized my videos but then that would mean that the Ads belonged to YouTube in the first place.

“scams or commercially deceptive content” – how? It’s me playing console games, sure I’ve advertised my own website in the descriptions and in commentary if there is any but that’s hardly a scam or commercially deceptive content.

What annoys me is that there was no warning, sure I have copyright issues but nothing ever came of that, I literally just got emails saying that my channel had been shut down and closed, it would have been fine if they had bothered to contact me, you know just saying there’s a problem with this video we need you to fix this but no, not these morons they just come in and shut you down.

I have done some research on this matter and it seems that not only am I not the only one this has happened to but the reason for a lot of channels shutting is that YouTube is cleaning house. If your videos are deemed unsuitable for ads, it’s a mark against you, too many and they cant use your channel…bye, bye channel.

but because they couldn’t, they are shutting down those unable or unwilling to help them advertise their paying clients via their videos so we have lost our channel, this means that all the games I had on my sites have gone, the links no longer work and I have to start all over again.

Now I don’t mind this, as it allows me to play all the games I haven’t had chance to in a while so we are starting again from scratch, so I apologise for this happening if you are a follower of and ask for your patience as we fill up the site once more.

Anyone who visits my site will know, that padded cell 4719 is my home in the asylum well you are now visiting the relax centre of that asylum known as

A place, I bid you Greetings and welcome to, I am your host MajorMadMike and for those who visit my alpha site will know that this is my site specifically set up for gaming.

Here I am aiming to post walkthrough videos that I make on various games and reviews (both positive and negative) of not only games that I have but games that I don’t and for various reasons never will (but those I will explain as I get to them).

For now sit back and enjoy my domain

Kind Regards

The Major

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